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net wisdom on tires Comp T/A's

>Are the Comp T/A's loud ? I was looking thru the Tire Rack and the P500
>205/60/HR15 are 78.- and 225/60/HR15's for 80.- I'd like the wider tire,
>but is it gonna make a drastic difference in the snow ?  The Comp T/A's
>are 90.- a piece, so I'm kinda leaning towards the Pirelli's,  Any opions
>guy's and gals ? also, the pirreli has 40k warranty, what about the comp
>T/A ? anybody know ?

This may be a little late to help you but.... I am currently running the
BF Goodrich Comp T/A HR4 All Season tires on my 1986 5000CS Turbo. Size is
the stock 205/60 X 15. My previous tires were some generic Dunlop GT
QUALIFIER HR4 205/60 X 15 that came with the car. The Comp T/A's are a 
little noisy on concrete roadways but not as noisy as the old Dunlops.
The Comp T/A's are stiffer in the sidewalls and transmit more road shock
into the car but have a quicker turn in than the Dunlops. The T/A's worked
great in the snow this year up at Mount Hood and Mount Bachelor in Oregon.
I paid about $90 each for the T/A's. Overall I'm very happy with the tires.
Hope this helps.