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Re: Is Audi & Dealer cutting me a deal ??

Tak Cheung writes:
> They, however, broke one of those stud thing on the steering wheel which
> the plastic horn cover presses on to.  Is there a fix to this ?? Or the
> whole steering wheel needs to be changed.  I tried epoxy to glue the thing
> back on but the plastic thing didn't hold.  Maybe I should try a real
> plastic glue instead ??

There is no need to buy a new steering wheel.  Gluing won't work real well
either.  You can go to your nearest Audi/VW salvage yard and get just the
platic clip(s).  The clip is attached to the steering wheel with a small
bolt.  You just have to unbolt it from the steering wheel.  Some salvage
yards won't let you do this to a perfectly good steering wheel, but there
probably have some that are bent.  The same style clip is used on many
different models of VW/Audi, so check them out.

Actually, the dealer might be able to get the replacement clips, and since
they broke it, you should talk them into fixing it for you for free...

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