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Re: water leak


Bill Nickless wrote...

>In my ('85 Volkswagen Quantum) the rear passengers' side footwell floods.
>Interestingly, it seems to fill only when not driven.  If I drive through
>heavy rains it's OK, but leaving it outside in a drizzle guarantees a flood.
>I'd be interested in things to check as well....

I also have an '85 Quantum with the identical problem.  Get a half-inch of 
rain overnight, and you'll find 2 inches in the passenger-side footwell.  
It's definitely more pronounced when the car is parked.  I've traced mine 
to two different areas:

The first one was in the tray between the firewall and the windshield.  I 
had to remove some of the sound-deadening stuff VW put in there to find it, 
and a droplight placed in the footwell combined with a darkened garage 
showed there was a gap.  The area has a pronounced dip, and there's a large 
drainage hole, but the dip allowed some puddling, and the gap allowed the 
puddled water to enter the interior of the car.  About a pound of silicone 
sealer took care of that one.

The second one I haven't yet attended to.  The rear window is leaking.  I 
was replacing the rear struts back around Christmas and as I was getting at 
the top of the struts through the rear shelf, I found that the shelf was 
_soaked_!  The passenger-side strut receptacle contained so much spoogy-
looking stuff that I suspect that leak has existed for quite a while.  It's 
making the trunk pretty wet, too.

Now that spring is finally arriving in New England (I hope), I'll be 
attending to the rear-window leak.  It will be a novel experience _not_ 
scraping the _inside_ of the windows next winter... ;^)

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