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Re: Dim bulbs

Roger Sanderson wrote:
> If your 4000 (not really a 400 is it) takes a 9004 bulb (i think it does)
> then these should work, the 80/100 watt versions may tax the wiring system.
> Thats why Gene is selling the wiring kit, I suspect. It probably adds a relay.
> I have some coming but they have not arrived yet, so I can't comment on how
> well they work.
They seem to work quite well on my '90 GTI 16V (it's got H1 driving lights
in the grille, but the 9004 low beams were quite inept).  I got the 90/55
(or was it 90/65) versions, and he shipped them promptly.

Now, if someone can tell me how to get rid of that condensation inside the
lenses I'd be even happier...  :)

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