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Help 5000's manual photocopy

Hi Audian, 8-))

I wonder if anyone on the list would be so kind as to photocopy
the pages from the Bentley (factory) manual of the power steering/
power brake.... system... for 84-88 Audi 5000 non-turbo.

I have a few problems with the hydraulic leaking and the front disk
brake sticking...  due to not re-filling with mimeral fluid...8-((

I will really appreciated it and will reimburst you for all the 
photocopy and postage cost.  Well, I will pay for the time too 
if it is not outrageous like $150/hr.... 8-))
	Dan Long
	P.O. Box 677547
	Orlando, Florida 32867-7547	

I am hoping to get a basic understanding on how the components work
and if there are any diagnostic charts.

I have done 2 things to the system:

1. Replace the main high pressure hose... I thought that was the leak..
but I think it really is the steering rack...  Oh, after the replacement
the steering wheel make noises in turns... so I brought it back and they
want to replace the pump.  Is the noise is due to air is still in the 
system? they should have bleeded it?

2.  Replace the power brake servo or also called accumulator... thinking
it would prevent the front brakes from sticking after 5-6 stops...
It seems to be still sticking....

Well, thank you very much for your help in advance...  All comments are 
welcome.. 8-))

byebye, danl