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AudiWatch Update (Tm) #15

AudiWatch Update #15, May 28, 1993

_European Car_, May '93
Excellent article on the Audi Cabrio V6, too much to type!

_PEAK RATINGS_, AW, May 10th, '93

ESPN has signed a three-year rights package with the promoters
of the annual Pikes Peak hillclimb. Marty Reid Enterprises
will produce the broadcasts, which begin with taped coverage
of the 1993 event on July 25th.

SCCA PRO RALLY, WILD WEST OPENER, OLYMPIA WA, April 23-24, '93, _Sports Car_
--------------------------------------------------------------   June '93
.....Although Audi of America is not officially involved in
sponsorship of PRO RALLY, Libra Racing has built another new
car for the '93 season -- a new Audi S-2 Quattro Coupe for
defending series champion Paul Choiniere. Powered by Audi's
20-valve, 2.3 liter, twin-cam turbo engine, this new car is
a result of "Audi wanting to see the latest model out there"
according to co-driver Jeff Becker.....
.....The Choiniere Audi team got off to a bad start when the crew
lost control of the tow vehicle on an icy S. Dakota road and rolled
the trailer -- with the new car in it -- off into a ditch......
.....Then Paul Choiniere's wife was eight mos. pregnant.....
.....So, with the new Audi S-2 all ready to run, and Rod Millen
already placed in the field, car builder and 11-time US PRO RALLY
Champion John Buffum decided to put on his driving suit and add a 
different dimension to the event.....
.....At the end of SS5 Friday night Buffum held a 31sec lead over
.....Unfortunately, all this Millen-Buffum competition came to an end
early the second day as the Millen Hyundai suffered electrical
problems.....Buffum had a 5-minute lead on the field.....
.....The overall points will have to be sorted out at round two,
as pre-season favorites Choiniere and DiMarco were not present
and John Buffum does not plan to drive the reast of the season.....

AUDIs in competition:

Round 1/Wild West Rally, WA, April 23-25, '93 (top 3 in class)
OPEN 1. Joh Buffum/Jeff Becker/Audi S-2 (90 Coupe Quattro 20V Turbo) (2:14:35)
     2. Carl Merrill/Jon Wickens/Ford (2:18:03)
     3. J.Richard Corley/Martin Headland/Mitsubitchy (2:19:23)

Boise Divisional, Boise Idaho, April 17, '93 (top 3 in class)
HS 1. James Hurd/Audi 4000

Event #1/Horseneck Beach, MA, April 11, '93 (top 3 in class)
HS 1. G. Powell/Audi 4000 Quattro (32.0686)
   2. J. Powell/Audi 4000 Quattro (35.7264)
   3. Abdalian/Toyota Tercel (37.1718)

Event #2/Orange Airport, Orange MA, April 25, '93 (top 3 in class)
HS 1. G. Powell/Audi 4000 Quattro (61.899)
   2. J. Powell/Audi 4000 Quattro (68.062)
   3. Miller/Toyota Celica GT (81.335)

Event #3/MA Safety Council, W. Boylston MA, May 2, '93 (top 3 in class)
HS 1. G. Powell/Audi 4000 Quattro (35.113)
   2. Miller/Toyota Celica GT (35.463)
   3. J. Powell/Audi 4000 Quattro (39.091)

Event #4/Agusta Civic Center, Agusta ME, May 23, '93 (top 3 in class)
HS 1. G. Powell/Audi 4000 Quattro (awaiting official results)

NESCC (New England Sports Car Club)
Event #1/Orange Airport, Orange MA, April 18, '93 (top 3 in class)
HS 1. G. Powell/Audi 4000 Quattro (57.243)
   2. Draper/Saab 99 (61.429)
   3. J. Powell/Audi 4000 Quattro (51.566)

Event #2/Orange Airport, Orange MA, 
PRO-CSP 1. Besso/VW GTI (awaiting official results)
PRO- HS 2. G. Powell/Audi 4000 Quattro (awaiting official results)

AUDIs of interest FOR SALE:

'83 Ur Quattro
1983 AUDI GT Turbo Quattro Coupe (sic)
Silver, Tan leather. Air. New Turbo. Rare collectable.
$9,500.00. 702-831-8107. NV

'92 S4, Black/Ecru. 8300 miles.
'93 90 Quattro V6. Black/Ecru.
616-965-6399/leave message. MI


AUDI Quattro Wagon, 5000/100/200, turbo or non-turbo
Around $5000.00, NE area, condition more important than miles
AUDI 4000 Quattro, early model, stripper, no sunroof, etc. <$2000.00
Rough body/paint OK.
Call glen at 1-800-526-8255 x767 or email powell@interlan.interlan.com

1985 or 1986 AUDI COUPE Quattro -- low miles (86? Ed.)
Excellent condition. No re-paints.
919-676-9404/e.; 361-4164/d. NC

-glen, Vorsprung durch Technik!