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RE: Misc questions... (Quattro) Date: Wed, 07 Jul 93 00:00:17 PDT From: Alex Miller <amiller@almaden.ibm.com>

I agree with Alex Miller COMPLETELY that improving one's driving skills is
often the best way of bettering your time.  It's always easy to blame a loss on
the other  guy's car, instead of "I just didn't drive fast enough."  At the
National level of competition in Solo II, it's about 80% driver and 20% car. 
Yet, on Team.net, the internet bulletin board for autocrossing, most people
want to talk about tires, modifications to their cars, what's allowed in the
rules, etc. and not about driving skill.

I suspect that it's easier for the technically oriented to discuss x tires
versus Y tires, Dual overhead cams versus single cams, etc. than it is to talk
about how you become one with your car, breathing techniques, etc. 

Oh well, back to work . . .

--Dorothy Raymond