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Re: Misc questions... (Quattro)

          I went to the Lime Rock Quattro Club event last year
          for the on-track day. I rode as an instructor and my SO
          did flagging up in the tower. She also got a couple
          "hot laps" and a few with one of the Skip Barber Racing
          School instructors in -- guess what -- a 4000 Quattro!
          The instructor said it was his wife's car and is excellent
          at thses track events.

          This year we will both be there all 3 days and will be
          running our '86 4000CSQ auto-x car.

          Where else can you get pro instructors, skid-pad and
          on-track time on a world-famous road course for 3 days
          all for $250?

          :) !!! (no joke, just a *BIG* smile)