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Early "Ur" quattro documentation

My "pet" German-Car-Mechanic(tm) has some early spiral-bound documentation
on the 1982/83-era Turbo Quattro Coupe. It covers, for example, the mods
to the cooling system, engine control system, turbo, drive-train/diffs/etc.
I leafed through it and at least the section on the electrical seems to
map onto my '83 - shows the 15-fuse fuse/relay panel, locations/ordering of
relays (matchs my wire-tracing so far), etc.

I'm gonna make myself a copy, and thought as long as I was at it some of
you other folks similarly afflicted with a car sans [accurate] manual might
want a copy as well. It appears to be factory documentation, but "quick copy"
reproduction rather than formal production (a la the Bentley manual). It is
about 120 pages total. I estimate that the copy is 96% "very readable", a
coupla percent "you can make out the words" and a coupla percent just didn't
survive the copy operation (and the last 10 years on the shelf). Along with
the Bentley manual, this should provide most of what ya need to know about
maintenance/operation/etc. of these beasts.

So who's interested and how much ya willing to pay? (Note: I'm not doing
this for profit [and for the incredibly cynical of you: "That means I am
not going to make a profit"]; but at the moment I don't know how much it
will cost to get copies made, mailed, etc. I assume it would be under $20
(US) per copy mailed 2nd or 3rd class.) Lemme know "now" - I'll get the
copies made Monday or Tuesday of next week (that would be 12- or 13-Jul).
Include a "cutoff" point price-wise in case it runs me more than the $20
ballpark, just in case. Please be sincere, I'll make the copies based on
"expressed interest" (and then arrange with interested parties to handle
payment/shipping/other grotty details) and don't particularly want to end
up owning a dozen copies . . .