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4000 Quattro auto-x set-up

          Well, the 4000 Quattro auto-x setup is pretty basic
          (for auto-x). Nice new wheel bearings, control arm bushings,
          strut bearings and sway-bar bushings. Koni Sport struts,
          2-turns rear, 1 1/2 turns front. RSIIs in 205-55-14 on
          factory wheels. 2 1/4" straight pipe from the cat back into
          a 2 1/2" SS 'Trapp. New wires, cap, rotor and Bosch Super
          tri-electrode plugs. New fool filter, timing belt, water
          pump and lifters. Alignment set to max negative (1.5-1.9).
          Tire pressures 45-48 PSI front, 35 PSI rear. Factory
          swaybar. This car is an '86.

          I also have an '84. The '84 is like 200-250 lbs lighter.
          It handles, brakes and accelerates better vs the '86.
          If I had it do over again I'd have built the '84, but
          I didn't own it at the time I started setting up the '86.

          I might just do the '84 for next season.....

          PLEASE try to keep this OFF the auto-x mail-group!