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Re: Air filter...

>Can someone tell me more about K&N filters?

I have a K&N filter in my '87 5000CS TQ. I put it in about 12K miles back
and am happy with it. I have not had it long enough to really reap its
benefits. Here is what I have read about them (on internet, in rec.autos.*
or in magazines):

K&N are supposed to be less retrictive and have better filtering capabilities
than any other air filter. These sound like the best of both worlds, and most
posters on the net have claimed that this is true. I think K&N has data
sheets supporting these claims. The filter is meant to be used for the lifetime
of the car - you just clean the filter with a special solvent every 40K to
50K miles and re-oil it with a K&N supplied oil. The oil is what is supposed
to provide the exceptional filtering properties. K&N claims that the prolonged
(40-50K) service intervals are justified and that there is no loss
of performance. Since these filters are free-flowing they claim a modest
power improvement - about 1 or 2 HP. Most performance parts suppliers
support these claims. I guess they have tested these with the engines on
dynos. A 1 to 2 HP gain is almost impossible to detect while driving, at
least for me.

I see two advantages in getting K&N filters for Audi (esp. Turbo) cars:
1. Turbos work best with free-flowing filters with their great demand for
intake air.
2. Audi air filters are known to be very hard to get at and replace, especially
in the 4000s and the 5000s - I don't know if the newer series is any better.
Having a filter that you only need to get at every 40 to 50K miles is easier
on your knuckles and frustration level. I have read tales of having to remove
the right headlight and other assorted goodies to remove/replace it on the

Now for your specific questions:
>Where to find them
Many mail order places advertise in car magazines. Here are two that I have
numbers handy for. Call several and compare prices though.
Greenfield Imported Car Parts (413)774-2819
PAP (800)944-2964, (404)449-3146

>What models/features to look for
>Is there one _specifically_ for 90's?

There are no models. Its just a filter element (looks like any other filter)
made to fit a particular car. You'll have to specify the exact make and model
of the car when you order. It is just a matter of shape and dimensions of
the filter.

I think I paid around $40 or $45. The prices vary slightly depending upon
the application, but more so on the place from where you buy. Oh, the special
oil kit is around $9. This you need when the first servicing is due - so I
didn't order it.


I know of none. In all that I have read about the K&N filters, I haven't
read anything negative. I think they are worth giving a shot. I plan to
put a K&N in my '84 Mitsubishi Starion Turbo when its time to replace its
air filter - hey, its better to spend $45 once than to spend $35 each time
for a filter from the dealer (I can't find aftermarket filters for this
car; its a special shape).

Hope this helps.