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Re: Idle problems


>My car ('87 5000CS TQ) is having idle problems. The car normally idles
>at 800 RPM but lately, the revs have begun to drop to 400 or 600 and
>the car sometimes stalls....
>...Here's what I have checked so far:
>When the connector to the idle stabilization valve is disconnected, the
>car stalls (implying that the valve is working?).

Might check the stabilization bypass air tube for cracks and loose fitting.
If to much air is slipping around, that to can cause it to stumble.  My 84
Q developed a crack that was were hard to see, but finally got bad enough
for me to see the buckleing when it let air in, which cause the engine to
stumble.  Duck tape worked for awhile, but I finally replaced it.   ---JCG.

          Good point! I fergot about that. I also replaced that funny
          odd shaped tube when I had stumbling problems (actually it
          was the car, not me) in addition to the OXS and fool filter.