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4000 battery

   Well, in fact, there is a terminal inside the hood for jump starting purposes;
   just the positive terminal though, you use the engine/body as the ground.

I'm jealous . . .

   This is a good point about safety. I did notice a hose close to the
   battery but not connected to anything and I was wondering what it was for.
   Now I know. I wonder if a battery cover is available with a nipple on it
   that can be installed, and the hose connected to the nipple. I'll also

I rather doubt it (hydrogen is an amazingly penetrating molecule!), but if
one such exists, tell us about it - neat trick to file away for future re-

   check if Sears has the right type of battery and are willing to swap it with
   my Diehard. I do remember someone posting on this list a while back that
   his battery exploded. 

Lemme know if Sears works out, I figure I should replace my Expensive Audi
battery (AutoBahn?) with a real battery - it wasn't happy when the temps
dropped to 0F (and past experience with Diehards indicates they still work
well at -20F).