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Re: 60K Audi Coupe Quattro Service Experience - Argghh!!!

I have 213K miles on my 86 5000CS TQ (I know I'm showing off).  I've replaced
the pads twice, rotors once.   For the front, I can see *no* reason to replace
pads until the warning light comes on.  Even then, you'd have 10% left (I don't
know if 4000's have the brake idiot light). Just let them wear down.  My dealer
tried the same old trick when the car left warranty at 50K miles. I doubled
that mileage before I replaced anything (and I bet I had 20k-30k left). Dealers
*love* doing brake jobs.

For me, I replaced pads the 1st time at a bit over 100K. The rotors were under
minimum, so I logically replaced them.  Since then, I learned that the rotors
are at minimum when new!  My new (highway) philosophy is to change rotors when
they shudder, or if they show any stress cracks.  If I raced, I'd probably have
a different opinion.

I do flush the brake fluid every 2 years.

Anyone have any 5000 brake booster or pressure accumulator war stories to