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Re: 60K Audi Coupe Quattro Service Experience - Argghh!!!

          Well, I've replaced the hydraulic booster (nitrogen ball)
          in the Ur Quattro once, no big deal. Also, replaced the
          rotors (with nice drilled ones F&R) and pads at like 80k
          miles, now at 175k and still looking good. No other problems
          with the brakes noted. I really *MUST* get in there and do a
          system flush.....

          I just did the fronts on the '86 Saturday, what a breeze!
          Now I have to find the correct size hex-wrench to fit the
          real calipers. Anyone know what size? 11/12/13mm ?
          The rotors are fine at 100k miles.

          Installing Mintex metallic pads F&R and Castrol LMA DOT 4
          in prearation for Lime Rock next month.