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More Info on Brakes for '90 Coupe Quattro


Per Glen's and RDH's (and others!) suggestions, I have done a modicum of
checking and determined the following:

1.   PAP

     Doesn't stock Front Rotors for the Coupe Quattro
     Doesn't stock Pads (F or F) for the car
     Stocks Rear Rotors only at $48.50 ea

2.   Called EPE re: Potential for Brake Job

     2.1  Tony said that at 57K miles, they *may* be worn beyond minimum
          even if pads aren't gone yet, hence may need new rotors
          (this is a new concept to me... sigh), but he'd hafta measure...

     2.2  But, their price if needs 4 rotors, pads, *everything* would
          be about $600... so were down by 25% already!

     2.3  They said if'n I could get the rotors/pads elsewhere, they'd still
          be happy to do the work.


What are the other Mail Order places which may stock what I'd need?

     1.   PAP  doesn't have it - and said the dealers may be only ones
          to carry Front Rotors for 20V Coupe Quattro's - this sounds
          weird to me...
     2.   Shokan(?) What's their number?
     3.   Others?

Geez, I just can't wait til I need a $50,000 clutch, or a $100,000 valve
job... (just kidding)... but you do hafta wonder...

Thanks for all the responses so far (even yours Bob! - snicker yourself!)