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sway bars counterpoint

i have read quite a lot of recommendations around here about sway bars
and their wonderfulness.  in large part i agree that most of the quattros
could do with more roll resistance,  however, i feel that i should mention
the cost (not $$$) of putting stiff sway bars.

the assertion that sway bars do not affect ride is only partially
true.  if the axle that the sway bar is installed in goes over an even
bump (e.g.  a speed bump taken perpendicularly) then it would not
contribute any resistance. this would be the best case. however, a
sway bar cannot distinguish between roll and a one-sided pothole/bump.
so if you hit a bump on one side of the car, perpare for a rough time.

another alleged reason for the quattros' roll softness is that without
an automatically rear LSD, there is too much risk of one of the inside
wheels lifting under hard cornering, thus spinning all the power away.
remember that in AWD, you have twice the number of wheels to "lose it"

the torsen equipped cars addresses this some, but not quite