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Re: Computer chip for 1990 200TQ

Hien Pham (Phamh) x7669 writes:
> I've talked to a local dealer this morning and learned that for $500 he can
> installed a computer chip in the 10V 1990 200TQ to boost the its performance 
> which would exceed that of a 20V 1991 200TQ (only available in 1991) . Does anybody
> know how this works and whether or not its a good thing to do ?
> My mail keeps bouncing every time I post to this newsgroup . Any idea why ?

He was probably referring to the kit from a company called
"Intended Aacceleration".  As I understand it, it involves
a computer modification that will require that you send the entire
computer module to them, as well as changing the waste gate spring.
Several 5000/200 Turbo owners on this list have done so to their
cars and the consensus seems to be quite positive.

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