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RE: HELP Audi 4000s pwr door locks

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>Subject: HELP Audi 4000s pwr door locks
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>400 miles and one day previous to my pwr lock failure,
>my speed'o'meter and trip-meter stopped working at 68,000 miles.  
>I had this problem at about the same
>mileage in my 1982 Audi, but atleast the trip meter worked.  So in that
>case my consolation was that i could tell my mileage without affecting 
>the resale value!  However, i think this is illegal and would also 
>like to fix it at reasonable cost.

Sounds like it could be one of the cables from the speedo to the
transmission. If one of the cables is broken, check that the
box which warns you to change the OXS sensor is not binding
and breaking the cable. This was the problem I had on my '82
4000S and so I had to replace a cable twice.