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Re: Quick question

I used to drive an '85 5000S T (non-quattro.) I was quite satified with its
turbo power until I wrecked it about two months ago. In searching for
a new car, I test drove two '87 CS T and realized that their performance
seemed worse than my the '85 turbo I used to have. Looking at
the engine, I saw that the turbo's on these '87's are smaller than that
in my old '85. Is this true for all '87 5000S T ? I haven't been able to locate
an '88 turbo, so I can't coment on it. 


          The "smaller" turbo might not be the cause of the
          perceived difference in performance. The Ur Quattros came
          with *WAY* oversized turbos for street use. When I upgraded
          my Ur Quattro to the *smaller* S4 water-cooled turbo there
          was an enourmous increase in performance. Now the boost
          come up at 2500 RPM and there is a 1000-1500 RPM wider
          power band with mucho more torque down low. Smaller can =
          better if properly engineered for the application, in this
          case street performance and not powerband from 5000-8000
          RPM like you might want in a rally/race setup.

          The difference you saw is likely due to some other factor.