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Looking for used cars

I am looking for a used car or a new car under $16,000 and so far I can't
be satisfied with anything other than an Audi, as far as cost and performance
and appearance is concerned. 

I almost bought a 75K mile 1984 5000s for US$2000 with sunroof problem (you can raise its tail
up and down but can't slide it back), driver's window not funtioning, something wrong
with the battery, very hard steering, and a constant clicking noise in the glove compartment.)
My heart tells me to get something with turbo and a little newer.

The local newspaper has an ad for an 86 5000ST asking $4700, leather int. with new trans, 
power steering, brakes, and tires all under warranty.
A local dealer here quoted me $13,800 for a 1990 200 Quattro Turbo with 44K miles
and asked another $1000 for a year of extended warranty.

Which choice would you choose ? 

Has any of you Audi fanatics settled with another car other the Audi's ?
What do you think of an 1988 Acura Legend LS coupe ?

-Hien (not a rich bum) just can't seem to think of other cars other than Audi's.