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Re: RE: 200 Turbo Spark Plugs


>From my own experience (5000 turbo quattro), the 3 prong plugs idle
>accelerate smoother, and never wear out.  I tried single electrode
>plugs for a while, and the engine just didn't run as well.

I too, tried a set of tri-electrode plugs in my 84 4000 Q, and found them
to be wonderful.  Previous to them, I had platinums and they were good
also, but there was a noticeable dif with the tri's, and I could just turn
the key, and the car would spring to life instantly.  With the plat's I had
to slightly pump the gas to get a consistant start.

The outfit that sold me the tri's said they would only be good for about
30K, but I think I put at least 50K on my set.  I just reciently replaced
them with splitfires.  Simular result, but not quite as good, and at about
$6 a shot.  I'll go back to tri's next time, especially at ~$2.  Where is
that mail order outfit?.   ---JCG.