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David writes:
>I joined the Quattro Club because I wanted a source of technical info for
>sorting out the occasional wierd problems on my TQC. Now that I discovered
>this news group I think I'll ask for my $30 back!

The situation is, the QC is the only game in town for quattro enthusiasts. 
The club isn't much at this point. but I think it has possibilities. From 
the tech info perspective, there are many owners who are looking for more 
information on their cars, but can't find any. I find this especially true 
for TQC owners where there is no tech information available to the public, 
except for the 20 or so pages in the Bentley manual. I am probably like 
other TQC owners who have gotten 'hold of Audi factory documentation through 
a mechanic. As an example, I now have documentation for my TQC which 
includes, the Introductory Factory Service Manual, the Maintainance and 
Adjustmments Manual, the 83 wiring harness schematic and the Audi parts 
microfiche. With this information and the Bentley, you can start to 
understand the car and begin to perform work on it. It took me a few years 
to even find out that this information existed.

Another problem I have, is with the tech info which is supplied in the QC 
newsletters. As I have mentioned to the editor of the newsletter, Bill 
Bartlett, every person who supplies tech info has a financial interest in 
providing parts and/or service on Audi automobiles. There is no one who is 
dissemminating information on how the various systems in Audi cars work(as 
an example). His response was, write some articles, we always welcome member 
contributions. So I guess it is up to us, the Audi enthusiasts to step in 

What are people looking for in the club and newsletter? new car reviews, 
travel articles, mechanical/service information, performance enhancements, 
track events, touring events, social functions, parts information, ??? Since 
we belong to it, it's our club. What do we want it to be like? Its not a 
great club, but I would hate to see it go away.

Dave Lawson  dlawson@ball.com