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Flashing temp light on 87 4000csq

I bought an 87 4000 csq a little over a month ago, and have had this
slightly annoying problem since I got it.  A few days after I bought the
car in Central WA, I was heading up over Beartooth Pass in WY.  I was
having fun with the car, taking the corners fast, and enjoying my new car.
The pass is almost 11000 feet, and right near the top, during some of my
harder corners, the temp light began to flash.  I slowed up a bit, and at
the top of the hill, I pulled over at the rest stop, and let the engine
idle for about five minutes, hoping that would fix a possible overheating
problem.  Well, the way back home to WA, the light stayed off.  Now, back
home in the Seattle area, I take corners fast, and the light begins to
blink again.  It only happens during hard corners.  Is this normal or not?
If not, what needs to be done to fix it?

87 4000csq, 98.6k miles, 5 speed, back window switches don't work, radio
barely receives a signal, headlights are dim, the obligatory crack in the
headlight, and tires that need to be replaced.

Thanks for the info, and I'll need more of it in the future.

John Eickerman -- jke@halcyon.com     Visualize Impeachment
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