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Re: RS4 Avant availability

C'mon Bob ... this is the USA!

We can't get no 959's.  In fact the gov't will hunt you down and kill 
you if you even think about trying to get one!  Why would anyone expect 
that the RS4 Avant would be available here?  ;-)

I remember reading about the Porsche version of the Audi Wagon in 
AutoWeek.  I want one of those almost as much as I wanted "the Coupe."  
(i.e. QTC)  In the article I read they said that they would not be 
importing it into the US.  Talk about a practical, sporty vehicle!  
If you could only get it in the older body style ....

Steve Buchholz

'88 5KCSQ Avant  "anybody got a spare S4 motor lyin' around?"
'83 QTC          "that'd free up the water-cooled turbo for the coupe!"
'78 GTI Fox      "does KKK make an adapter kit for the 1.6l 4?"
(In my dreams!)