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Re: 4000Q Front Bumper Cover ...

     George, you didn't mention the year of your car, but I think I can get
you started.....If it's an '85-'87 4000q, remove the "fake" reflector lenses
next to your turn signals. Now you should be able to unplug the turn signals
themselves. Removing the turn signals will expose the bolts that hold the
bumper on(3 per side, if I remember correctly). You'll need an extension with
a swivel to get one of those bolts. With all 6 bolts removed, grab it by the
tow hooks and pull.....
     Taking the bumper cover off itself is something I haven't tried, but
they're usually held on by clips, ie press or squeeze and pull!
     Hope this helps.
                                                                    '87 4000q