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Re: Le bug du jour

Boy ... this'll stretch out those old brain cells!

I recall having a similar problem on my car.  I don't remember the 
sound the bi-pressure pump made, but it would run like the Energizer 
bunny when I locked the driver's door unless I either unlocked the 
driver's door or manually locked the passenger door.  I think the 
"sizzling" sound is a solenoid that isn't working properly to switch 
the hose from the input to the pump (suction) to the output (pressure).  
As I recall it was not too difficult to extricate the thing from the 
trunk, and since my motto is: "It's already broke, so it won't cost 
me any more to try to fix it" I tore the thing apart to find out what 
was wrong.  I'm sorry that I can't tell you exactly what I found, but 
I did manage to identify the problem and put it all back together, 
and it's been working fine ever since.  I don't think that it is 
related to the installation of the alarm system or rolling down the 
windows.  If you want to stop the sizzle you can disconnect the 
wiring at the pump.  

If you'd like, I can try pulling the thing out to refresh my memory 
(the pump that is) ... let me know.

Best of luck!
Steve Buchholz