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Re: "Special Build"

Bruce Bell <bbell@csn.net> wrote:

> sticker from my '87 4000CS Quattro says "(SPECIAL BUILD)" right after the
> model name. Anyone else still have their window stickers?
> Bruce

My '87 Coupe is also a "Special Build" model.  I was under the impression
that the car (built in July 87) was called "Special Build" because it has
the 130hp engine from the 1988 Audi 90 (vs. the 110hp model from 1986 cars),
as well as body color side mirror housings and rear spoiler.  It also has
4 wheel disc brakes -- I'm not sure but I think that Coupes built before
1/87 had rear drums.  Has anyone been able to provide a more definitive
answer regarding the "Special Build" designation?

					- Chris Idleman
					  '87 Coupe GT