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Re: bonehead drivers

On Sun, 29 Jan 1995 PDQSHIP@aol.com wrote:

> Not sure I agree with the arguments presented on the diff 50/50 question,
> printed for review.   I think even with the argument presented by eliot, the
> diff on either system will put the power-on throttle steer to the rears,
> because with the weight shift on power, the wheels with the most (however
> slight) will go to the rear.

the differential is a very simple, well understood and well documented
mechanical device.  audi's quattro system is also simple to understand
and relatively well documented,  but unfortunately the american press
has in countless occasions flaunted their stupidity on the subject.

(i sometimes wonder why people recognize the shortcomings of american
cars and go on to buy foreign products while they steadfastly stick
to low standards of american automotive journalism)

a conventional differential such as those used in the mk1 quattros has
absolutely no capability of sending power to the axle with more grip,
(while unlocked) neither does it have any ability to "sense" anything.
it is just a dumb device made up of maybe 4 or 5 major components in

the way a mk1 quattro behaves cannot be attributed entirely to its
center differential.  it is the total combination of drivetrain,
weight distribution, suspension geometry and setup.  a fwd car can be
coaxed to kick its tail out and we know that there is no drive going
to the rears.

i am quite surprised that there is even an argument emerging about how
the quattro system works.  after all this is documented even in the
owner's manual of the cars.