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Re: 4000s electric problems

>From: shepherd.31@postbox.acs.ohio-state.edu (gund)
>Date: Sun, 29 Jan 1995 12:40:30 -0500
>Subject: Some 4000s electric problems

>I have a few minor electronic problems with my 87 4000s.

>1.rear defrost doesn't work
>2.right side tail-light not working.
>3.cruise not working
>4.cig lighter same

The answers to 1 and 3 might just be a little corrosion. Re #1: If you
haven't already tried this, unplug the 2 defroster plugs from the glass,
clean with fine steel wool, replug.  I do this every year during my
winterizing of the car. Re #3:  Work the cruise control "on/off" switch back
and forth several times to try to "clean" the contact - this also works for
the electric side mirror switch.  #2  generally involves the wiring harness
that runs through the trunk hinge on the drivers side.  Audi uses cheap wires
in the cars, the wires in this area are moving with the trunk lid and tend to
break either one by one or, as my brother-in-laws did, many at a time (his
4kq just up and died when it happened).  Check all of the wires in that area,
it is a classic problem.  Re #4:  Haven't had that one happen, as far as I
know since I never use it (Radar is wired to the sunroof power), maybe it's
corrosion too?

Good luck, hopefully these cheap fixes do the trick.

Totally different subject:   By the way, gender correction...Bubmeister is
actually a she.