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Re: Front-end creak on 5000 ...

--------------------------- Begin X.400 Bodypart 1 --------------------------
  The "A frame" or control arm bushings are what attaches the two lower
  legs of the "A" to the subframe, the other end, the top of the "A" is
  attached to the lower end of the strut by the balljoint.


  ========== On Mon, 13 Feb 1995 - quattro-owner wrote: ==========

--------------------------- Begin X.400 Bodypart 2 --------------------------
Afraid I'm not going to be much help on the exact location of the A frame
bushings on my 4000 Q.  Car was on the hoist, front wheels off and there
they sorta were controlling the vertical movement (I think) on the A
frame.  Very dense black ruber things.  You'll know then when you see
them.  Anyone able to provide real information on the exact location of
these things.

----------------------------- End X.400 Bodyparts ----------------------------