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Re: turbo theories Part ???

>     Regarding methods of maintaining boost between shifts, I recently came 
>   ...
>   wings AND A COMPRESSED-AIR SYSTEM to prevent turbo impellor stall during 
>   gear shifts."
>A few months back, Turbo and HiTech had a teaser on another approach --
>mount a small high-speed electric motor onto the turbo . . .
>And of course the next step is obvious - use a slightly bigger motor and
>you'll have boost even at idle.
>Finally, use a big honkin' motor and you can do away with the turbine
>altogether! (pity the poor ole alternator...)
>					-RDH
Now let me get this straight. We want to turn mechanical energy 
(rotating shaft) into electrical energy (alternator) and then back into
mechanical energy (rotating shaft at compressor).   Anybody want 
to work out the efficiency of this?  Nahh, too simple  -  lets add a 
flywheel and maybe a viscous coupling, or maybe a stirling engine 
and a umm oohh, uggh . .

oh nevermind, hey Bart, what are those little pink and green puppies
you keep taking?

jim h