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Re: switch repair procedure

> The seat
> heater switches have the bulbs soldered in. Seems they are specificially
> designed to make you go out and spend $82.95 every 40,000  miles.
> Parts: Replacement Bulb,  Radio Shack part number 272-1092. ($1.49  for two)
Does anyone know if the same bulbs will correctly replace the bulbs in the
Locking Differential displays on an '87 5kcstq?  One of the "running" lights in
mine is burned out, and after dissassembly I found the same deal as the heater
switches (soldered in place.)  There are two different colored bulbs on this
board:  green, for when you actually "lock" one of the differentials, and
clear, to light up the display when the running lights are turned on.  I need
the running light.  Is it the same Radio Shack part???  I don't want to have to
buy a bunch of different bulbs just to get the right color/brightness