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Re: Noisy Fuel Pump

     Steve Berube
     Hi, I am just recent on the Quattro List.  I haven't seen many Cdn 
     comments so I was happy to see you quote the price you paid for your 
     82 Coupe in Canuck Bucks.
     I don't know about speakers, or timing belts but I have some 
     experience with loud fuel pumps.  I bought a 83 Coupe GT with a loud 
     fuel pump this is usually a sign of the end is near as it is working 
     very hard to maintain pressure.  I priced a new pump $275 Cdn., 
     through my race buddies I get wholesale around $225 Cdn. but guess 
     what the 84 Jetta/Rabbit pump is the same, same size, same shape, same 
      PSI, only the connectors are different, splice in the Audi connector 
     from the old pump and you on your way.  The best of all the VW pump is 
     about $125 Cdn. and there are lots in the salvage yards, I bought one 
     for $60 guaranteed to work. 
      """But""" before you run off to your VW salvage yard check to see if 
     the flow from the tank is being restricted, when we removed the pump 
     from my Coupe the flow (gravity) was just a drip, should be full flow. 
     The in line filter between the tank and pump was clogged.  My Audi 
     mechanic, Genius Friend, told me that this happens, his solution take 
     off the filter and run a straight line, he says he has performed this 
     procedure many times when he worked at the Dealer with "NO" customer 
     complaints or returns. We didn't have proper piping to run line, also 
     didn't have new filter, so with we proceeded with needle nose pliers 
     and patients to clear the clog in the old filter.  Replaced the 
     filter, returned the used VW pump, and have driven 15000 kms without 
     missing a beat.
     Hope this info helps. 
     E. Clarke Paynter
     83 Ur-Quattro 137k km
     83 Coupe GT   267k km
     86 4000s      228k km