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Open Enrollment in Quattro Club USA Thunderhill Event

I was just talking to Scott Lampkin about the upcoming Quattro Club USA 
Safety Seminar to be held at the new Thunderhill racetrack in northern 
California.  He told me that to date only 20 people have registered for 
the event.  Since they need on the order of 40 entries to break even, they 
are opening up the enrollment to members of the PCA, Ferrari Club, etc. 
to prevent the event from being cancelled.

They are waiving the requirement that the participant be a member of the 
Quattro Club USA, and anyone who is interested is welcome to attend.  The 
cost is $295 for the 2 day event that is scheduled for 11-12 March 1995.  
Scott told me that there is likely to be a meeting on the evening of the 
Friday before, with tech inspection 7:30-9:00a.m. on Saturday.  The safety
seminar (which involves in-car exercises) is scheduled from 9am until some-
time in the early afternoon.  Later Saturday afternoon and all day Sunday 
is open track time.  

If you are interested contact Scott Lampkin at:

	(209) 486-3184 (home)
	(209) 263-4035 (pager)

and he will fax an application to you.

Steve Buchholz