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Re: REMINDER! You MUST cc the list in your replies!

Zafer writes > 

> 	Even with the new list, I still continue to get "quattro-owner"
> as the sender and have NO way of identifying the original sender. I
> thought we would be able to do that with the new setup. There isn't
> an "Originally-From:" tag in the mail header either. 

There is in mine.

> The only difference
> I see is that the "Reply-To:" is no longer set to the list. Is there
> anything you can do about this? Thanks in advance.

In my mailer, ELM, I can push the "h" button for full headers.  I get lots
of info including:
"From: zm@mhcnet.att.com (Zafer Mehmood  [209])"

I suggest you post what mailer you use, and someone who knows it will tell
you the command to show full headers.