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Re: It's Grrrrrrreen!

> It looks like I've got to track down a leak somewhere in the hydraulic system 
> on the urQ.  My system is still filled with ATF while the '88 uses the green 
> stuff.  In honor of St Patrick's Day, should I replace the ATF with the green 
> stuff while I'm looking for the leak?  Since Dan Bocek didn't know what I was 
> talking about when I told him that I had a red puddle under the car I assume 
> that his car's got the new stuff in it.  Am I the only ATF guy around?  Any 
> possible problems with changing over?  Would changing over reduce the possi-
> bilities of problems in the future? (..... YEAH ... I know!)

Hmmmm, I don't remember you ever asking me about this, but I might have an
answer for you.  The red stuff is Dexron II ATF, the recomended power
steering fluid for the TQC.  The green stuff is Pentosin, the stuff that
Audi recomendeds for the later cars.  If I were you, I wouldn't go around
mixing the two.  Stick with the red, and avoid seal damage. 

                                                         Dan Bocek