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'86 4Kq milage advice needed


 I bought an '87 Maserati Biturbo last year as a "good" car and as a driver I grabbed 
an'86 4000s. Much to my dismay I found I liked driving the Audi better!

My question is this: I have 104k miles on the 4Ks, I would trust the thing to go 
anywhere. Still very solid and (mostly) reliable. I am looking for a 4000csq. I found 
one locally for $3900asking. Supposed to be very clean, loaded, etc. Bad part is - 
120k miles. 

The car was supposed to have been properly maintained at the local Audi dealer since 
new. Should I be scared off by the miles or should I look at the car?

Also - I know the problems with the 4k series in general, what should I look for in 
the quattro?


Also: '87 Maserati is for sale - Nice car - someone want it? I'm in Ohio....