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Seat heater light

Hi all.
  Just an updated on a message posted here about changing the light bulb 
in the switch for the seat heater. I followed the directions, and bought 
the right bulbs from radio shack. Everything went together really easily.

Someone had asked about putting in an LED instead of the incandesant 
bulb. I tried this, but there wasnt a lot of room in there. If It were 
the LED alone, it wouldnt have been a problem, but there is no room to 
add the 680 ohm dropping resistor anywhere! So I stuck with the bulb.

Many thanks to the original poster. What does anyone know about the light 
in the sunroof switch? It flickers all the time and drives me nuts at 
night!!!  Is it the same procedure? I did find out that the leads are 
soldered on!