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Re: License Plates

three possibly/probably apocryphal stories from europe where photo radar has
been in
use for a while:

1) In germany you can contest the ticket if the driver cannot be identified
in the photo.  The 
polizei were not amused by several radar photos of they got of the  same car
with a driver wearing
a mask!

2 a poloitician was not amused by the photo (delivered to his home)r of his
mistress driving his car!

3. An naval aviator who shall remain nameless reportedly foiled photo radar
in spain by
mounting a slave flash next to his front license plate.  when it sensed the
flash from the photo
radar, it flashed back, overexposing that region of the photo.

well, at least they're fun stories....
Jason Douglas
MTS Dept G057                        
MITRE Corporation