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Re: Ur-boost Emperical evidence

>    Ok, so it was a little while ago when this boost discussion came to an 
> end, but I needed time to install a guage and run around at full boost 

stuff deeleted

> Ur's back in the beginning gave US boost specs at 12 psi. I Think perhaps 
> they were simply quoting the euro figure for the 200hp engines. Did the 
> US and Euro cars use the same computers? I would assume not as they should 
> have been programmed to take advantage of the higher octane fuels 
> available in europe. 

> Thanks
> Rod Wiggins 

When I got my 5kTQ the boost guage ran 1.3 bar ( 0.3 boost ). Putting
in a few spacer washers upped it to 1.4, and puting in a stronger spring
upped it to where the fuel injectors cut off the fuel supply ( 1.5 bar )

( Using the original spring with a experimental modification allowed me
a temporary 1.8 bar, but there was a "dead spot" in the middle
at 1.3 bar before a SURGE of power came on again. )

> Keith Anderson claims that each psi is worth 14hp. That sounds somewhat 
> high to me. Any input would be appreciated.

Now, using a seat of the pants calculation, .3 bar = 4.5 psi which is
what we run in the USA nad get 160-165 HP. If 12 psi gives 200 HP,

( 12 - 4.5 ) psi  => 30 to 35 extra HP

i.e. 1 psi => 4 HP

I suspect Scott (PDQSHIP ) may have some numbers to share here, or
Bob Meyers, who I beleive is running over 2.0 bar ( 1.0 bar boost )

The ultimate authority on psi => HP would probably be Ned Ritchie.

Alan Cordeiro