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Compression testing..

Hey folks,
   I have a general question regarding the administering of a compression 
test.  The instructions I got mentioned a full open throttle when performing 
the test.  My question is what are the ramification of performing the test 
with throttle at idle position?  My readings were all in the 150psi range 
and took approx. 5sec or cranks to reach this pressure?  Are the readings 
valid, or should I redo the test with the throttle wide open.
   As an update to the 4000S no start condition, it appears I have slipped a 
tooth on the timing belt.  My camshaft sprocket and distributor cap both 
line up with there marks, but the flywheel is off.  The belt also appeared 
to have more slack than usual, so I have doubts the tension was adjusted 
properly.  Is it recommended to change the tensioner bearing? when changing 
the timing belt??  Oh well, post an update later.

TIA for any responses...
82 4000s
82 Scirocco 1.8