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Re: My fuel pump story

>     Aaaaaahhhhh!!!
>     That's is all I have to say when two different Audi dealers quoted me 
>     the price on a new fuel pump:  $451 + $50 for a new pump holder.  They 
>     told me that the older pump (895 906 091 A ~$300) has been superseded 
>     with a newer one (rev B) that costs $451.  I also called MAAS Auto, 
>     and they quoted me $138 for a Bosch pump (part # 0580254036).  
>     Stranos: $185 (Bosch # 0580254921)
>     What gives?  How do I figure out the correct part number for my car?
>     Thanks,
>     Marat

Well, first you could try calling Linda at Carlson Audi to get a legitimate
dealer price on both pump and holder.  I'd be worried if the two aftermarket
quotes didn't mention the new holder - I'd assume its a version of the old 

Next I would try Chris at Smith's Import Specialists (216) 543-7100 as he 
could probably explain what happened with Rev A  (is rev B necessary?)
and he can give you a good price (hopefully he has one in stock).
Good Luck
jim h