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Re: Flaky speedometer revisited

Something like this shouldn't be that difficult!  I haven't tried pulling 
the one off my '88, but it looks almost like the old cable end!  Of course 
you run the risk of something falling into the diff if you don't know exactly 
what is going on inside (and I don't in this case)!  

I'll take a look in the Bentley for the 5k tonight, but there shouldn't be 
much more than a worm gear on the diff output shaft that connects to a gear 
that is connected to the sending unit.  I suppose that the drive gear is 
probably plastic, but the risk of something binding and causing teeth to 
break off the gear is pretty remote IMO.  It is most likely to be an elect-
rical problem.  You should be able to confirm the problem by hooking a tach 
or dwell meter to the pins on the sending unit.  The dwell should be constant 
independent of speed unless there is a problem.  The tach value should be 
related to speed when things are working OK.  This thing is in a pretty tough 
environment, so hopefully it is sealed up pretty thoroughly.  If you're 
convinced that it is the sending unit you might want to see if there isn't 
some way to disassemble the thing.

I'll get back to on the Bentley info tomorrow ... Good luck!
Steve Buchholz