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Re: 82 4000s no start condition - results

Good to hear that you got the starting problem fixed Stott ...

WRT voltage fluctuations ... You need to install independent supplies to 
the stereo and the gauges.  That fluctuation that you see in the gauges is 
also causing distortion in the sound you hear.  I usually run a heavy gauge 
wire directly from the battery to the stereo ... that should fix all of your 
problems.  Make sure that you install an in-line fuse near the battery, 
things could get nasty if the insulation got rubbed off otherwise.  On the 
TQC it wasn't too tough to snake a power wire under the carpet when I had 
the seats out.  On the Fox it was as simple as running the wire through an 
existing loom through the firewall.

Good luck!
Steve Buchholz