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Clean 4000 CSQ

Today I spent about three hours washing my car, and doing a bit of
detailing.  (It's going to rain tomorrow you know)  The car looks GREAT
right now.  The weather is warming up and I am getting ready to polish and
wax this beast.  The paint is showing a need of a polish.  The big problem
is the rubber 'fin' on the trunk is oxidizing much darker than the paint on
the steel.  The paint is the arrest-me-red, with the 'fin' a nice burgundy
color (on top, not on the bottom-the bottom is still AMR).  Does anyone
have a recommendation on how to recover the color?  I am going to be using
Meguire's polish/wax when I do this.

Thanks again.

Apple declined to comment.

John Eickerman -- jke@halcyon.com
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