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Re: My fuel pump story

Hairy green toads from Mars made mlarosa@interserv.com say:

> Hi Marat,
> Guess what ? my car is not a quattro.  Damn, does that mean I have the wrong 
> pump ? or are they not different ?  I believe both quattro and non-quattro 
> cars have the same 130hp engine ? yes ? no ?  Is Andrew Duane lurking out 
> there?  Doesn't your car have the 130hp engine ?  Now I'm thinking the dealer 
> gave the wrong pump.........  

My car is a quattro, and does have the same 130 HP engine. I assume
the pumps are the same, except there are some differences in the
fuel tank and connections due to the drivetrain in back. I don't
know whether these affect the pump; more likely the mounting bracket
and screw position.

I replaced my fuel pump last summer, but I took (towed ;-() it to
my local Nashua shop to get it done. FWIW, he found the pump for
about $225, and installed it for $39.

You could ask him: Mike Letizia at E. Hollis St. Shell, Nashua.
595-4901. I highly recommend him and his mechanic, Neil, as all-around
great Audi guys.


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