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Re[2]: My fuel pump story

     Here are my findings so far:
     The correct Bosch part number is 0580254036.  This was confirmed with 
     Bosch Customer Support (800-283-1111).  This was the number given to 
     me by MAAS Auto Parts (my respect for them is growing).  They also had 
     the best price, although Linda at Carlsen Audi offered me an 
     895 906 091 A for $137, which is probably the same thing as Bosch # 
     above.  But wait, it get more interesting.
     Amidst all the queries, I called Audi Cust. Rel. and they actually 
     offered to render me some financial assistance (50%) with the repair, 
     since this is my second pump failure, and the new pump, 895 906 091 B, 
     is redesigned (not Bosch, according to dealer), significantly more 
     expensive, and is more durable.  The catch is that the pump must be 
     proven as bad.  Since I "resurrected" it, the damn thing won't quit, 
     and I suspect my wife might be driving a time bomb until it quits 
     again, if it quits at all.
     When I mentioned that Marek Biela at Sudbury performed the first pump 
     replacement about 1.5 years ago, the chief mechanic had some bad 
     things to say (about Marek, who worked at Bernardi).  This could be 
     politics, and close to gossip in validity, so I would take this with a 
     grain of salt.  But I thought in all fairness I should post this info 
     to the list.