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Re: In search of a SunPro Meter...

 >>    If anyone comes up with some other location or mail order place that 
 >> carries this hard-to-find beast, please post.  So far I, and at least 
 >> Dave Lawson, have drawn blanks on locating any.

Our local Auto Parts Club near the San Jose, CA  airport has them. The  
stock and the member prices are:

  Sunpro CP7678  $79.99  (quan. 6)
         CP7676  $49.99  (quan. 1 - better verify this)

Auto Parts Club has a central infomation number and 12 semi-independent
wherehouses (the walk-in, floor2ceiling racks, shopping kind) in CA and one
in Reno. They accept membership ($10) via mail. Non-members pay +%10.
If you own a business, another membership allows for credit, local delivery,
and additional discounts, depending on guaranteed volume. They come out with
monthly flyers advertising specials and contain articles on running
auto-repair businesses, basic how-to, success stories, OEM factory tours, etc.

They have done UPS shipping to members in Texas, and seem willing to do so, 
but not streamlined in that business. Shipping will have to be done at the 
warehouse that has the stock on hand, and might need the OK of the store 
manager before proceeding. So it would go something like:
        1. Call central order desk at 1-(800)-374-2886
             Check stocking locations and get the other phone number
             Get membership info, check out a few prices, etc.

        2. Call warehouse, confirm stock, get permission, have them ship.

I just got a FAX sheet showing locations (locator map), addresses, ph# of
their locations. Call the central number and you can get one too.

Disclaimer: Not associated with APC; won't benefit from this; just content

 > The other BIL carries Assenmacher Specialty Tools, which sells a number
 > of the standard VW/Porsche/Audi/Bosch tools.  If interested I might be able
 > to set up some sort of discount with his company for the group ...

There's this long, hollow, hex key socket for RR of the front strut insert
by way of the upper strut mount cutout- car on the ground. Don't have the 
tool number handy, but I would be interested to get a price on this. I 
made this ugly tool using pipe, a locking hex ring from 1" conduit hardware, 
and a file (with elbow grease).

And they may have the inline (T) fittings that connect to the main fuel pump
line and the controlled fuel line. Then I can just buy any fuel gauge
instead of those expensive ($300!) "packaged" kits, like from Autotech 
(VW source). Any leads on sources for these fuel line tap fittings?

Gee, where's that Assenmacher catalog I use to dream with? 
 > Steve Buchholz
 > s_buchho@kla.com
 > (408) 456-6244