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Re: High Idle problems

On Mar 8,  6:39pm, Robert D. Houk wrote:

> P.S.	Since I guess the original query was about high idle speed (OK
> 	cold, high warm, which is kinda the opposite of the usual problem
> 	where it idles OK warm and not cold!), I will hypothesize. Now...if
>                   this gizmo were not working, then the only
> 	way to get a cold idle that doesn't stall out would be to crank
> 	up the idle air adjust enough that a cold engine keeps running;
> 	by the time the engine was "hot", you would have gained several
> 	(or many) hundred rpm over the "cold" idle.

Since I'm the only one who ever works on the car (main problem, I'm sure) I
know that the Auxiliary Air valve hasn't been manually adjusted.  Is it
possible that, suppossing my (hers, whatever) car - an '84 5kS 2.2L 5spd - has
one of these gizmos, that this thing is stuck OPEN?  How would one test this to
see if it works (where is it?)  I have tried absolutely everything else
everyone has suggested - thanks to everyone, by the way for all the great
suggestions.  I put on a new A/C belt last night (what a pain - why does Audi
make it so hard to get to the adjustment bolts??) took apart the T-hose at the
pcv & cleaned it out, reasealed w/ more clamps, & cleaned off a bunch of
electrical connections.  I don't know if the A/C belt or the new clamps on the
T-hose helped, but now the car idles at a steady 1,800 RPM's, regardless of
what I'm doing with the climate control.  I sprayed all of the connections with
carb cleaner, and got no response from that.  I'm all out of options, this
really has me stuck...

-Mike '87 5000CS TQ